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To really understand the people in your Supply Chain you need to engage with them. Our platform provides a global solution for engagement and analytics as well as document sharing, due diligence, validation, assessment and compliance.


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Conflict Minerals Compliance

Let us do the heavy lifting and time-consuming work of reaching out to your suppliers, vendors, partners, and contacts,
so you can focus on risk mitigation, operational strategy, performance and optimization.


Identify and trace the metals found in your products all the way to the source. From shelf to smelter and all the way back to the Mine, Recycler, or Provider.

Smelter Verification

We can help you identify your Smelters, by metal and/or product, verify their status and certifications, and provide the documentation necessary to answer requests and comply with regulations. Verify your Smelters once, post your certified results, and reuse this certification to respond to any future requests.

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As companies become more global, the need for an effective 3rd party business partner & supply chain anti-corruption compliance program increases. Becoming more global opens your organization to more risk, so having a solution that increases your visibility, enhances your security, and minimizes your risk is top priority.

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Restricted Substances

Your solution to Restricted Substance management is simple. With a powerful online platform and round the clock assistance, you have everything you need to get compliant and stay that way. From Safety Data Sheet (SDS) inventory collection and control to integrated REACH/RoHS solutions, we have you covered.

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