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Supply chain audits are a method of verifying a company’s conformity to internal or industry-driven sustainability standards. With increased consumer and government demand for safe products, the audit requirements for companies are rapidly growing. The design and execution of audits are resource-intensive, requiring companies to not only plan and carry out audits, but also aggregate data, facilitate corrective actions, and prove alignment with standards, which is a challenge without the right tools.

Source Intelligence’s audit management software streamlines the audit process from end to end. Users can automate supplier data collection, quickly identify non-conformities (NCs), and trigger corrective actions for suppliers. In addition, it provides easy access to auditors and investigators to review audit outcomes and confirm adherence to relevant standards. Whether you need a team of experts to manage your audit programs or software to simplify tasks for your internal teams, Source Intelligence offers the industry’s most robust audit management solution to support your unique needs.

Key features of our Audit Management software:

  • Automate supplier data collection
  • Quickly identify non-conformities and trigger corrective actions
  • Integrate with all major PLM & ERP platforms
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Audit Management System Solutions Source Intelligence

Our Audit Management program empowers you to:

Reduce internal resource burdens

Streamline time-consuming manual tasks with automated audit checklist creation, and workflows for supplier outreach and corrective action assignment.

Mitigate supply chain risk

Quickly identify high-risk suppliers by viewing non-conformity and corrective action history and trigger restrictions on sourcing.

Improved business insights

Easily generate reports and dashboards to visualize audit performance and prove the impact that audits have had on sustainability KPIs over time.

Increased connectivity

Manage your audit process from end to end with connectivity to suppliers, auditors, and certifying bodies in one system.

Common questions about our Audit Management program

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What types of audits does Source Intelligence’s software cover?
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Can I self-manage my audit management program using Source Intelligence’s software?
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What platforms does Source Intelligence’s audit management program integrate with?

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Leverage our Audit Management System to fulfill your audit obligations


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