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Effectively tracking and measuring data in the upstream supply chain ensures that your efforts have a real and meaningful impact on the lives of farmers, factory workers, and other supply chain stakeholders. However, demonstrating and ultimately growing your impact is challenging without an efficient way to manage the data and streamline collaboration with all actors in the supply chain.

If your current way of working hinders your potential to make a difference, we’re here to help.

Scale your impact with the ChainPoint platform

The ChainPoint platform empowers standards and sector initiatives to scale their impact through tailored, flexible software solutions. Using our knowledge of best practices for your industry, we work with you to configure a solution that serves your specific needs. Our software puts you in control, allowing you to reflect your brand’s look and feel, capture supply chain data reliably and efficiently, generate data reports using real-time information, and share reports with relevant stakeholders within the platform.

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Functionalities that facilitate your growth


Track products from source to consumer to know which companies, commodities, and products make up a supply chain, how they relate, and how they perform. Our software supports all Chain of Custody models, including segregation and mass balance, and offers the flexibility to move between models to foster all phases of your development toward sustainable sourcing.

Audit management

Conduct supply chain audits within the platform and manage certification data in a centralized location to monitor results, evaluate supply chains, and provide auditors and certifiers access to their audit data for collaboration. Conduct on-site audits more efficiently and accurately by gathering data using offline data capture via a mobile app integrated into the platform.

& reports

Gain valuable insights into your sustainability impact by visualizing a wealth of data. Personalized dashboards cater to the specific information needs of your members and additional stakeholders, while automated reports deliver detailed KPIs. Business intelligence capabilities allow for in-depth analysis of supply chain data from multiple perspectives, uncovering valuable trends and patterns to inform decision-making.

Our software at work: the Better Cotton Platform  


Better Cotton

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) improves the livelihood and economic development in cotton-producing areas and reduce the environmental impact of cotton production by setting a standard for a better, more sustainable way of growing cotton. To confirm retailers’ and brands’ sustainability practices, BCI introduced Chain of Custody requirements for the supply chain and developed a tracking and tracing system called the Better Cotton Platform, powered by ChainPoint.

Learn more about how the Better Cotton Platform has enabled BCI to account for 22% of global cotton production and impact the lives of millions of people whose work is connected to cotton production.

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