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Code of Conduct

Code of Conducts (COC’s) or ethics statements are policies that companies of all sizes use to establish their set of good business practice guidelines and conveys a commitment to social compliance. Our solution ensures your suppliers understand your ethical sourcing standards.
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Ensure Your Suppliers Know Your Ethical Standards

Distribute your specific code of conduct to your suppliers. Ensure that your company’s core conduct policy is acknowledged by the suppliers you work with. Code of conduct policies are effective tools that give your suppliers a comprehensive overview of your ethical business practices and should be conveyed to every supplier.

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The first step to mitigating supply chain risk is to help your suppliers understand your expectations around ethical sourcing and good business practices. Our code of conduct program is an easy to digest platform view that allows you to get a snapshot of which suppliers have agreed to your ethical sourcing practices. This is a small, but fundamental step to a comprehensive ethical sourcing supply chain program.
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