Businessman typing on a laptop reviewing virtual supplier audit results, data points, and data visualizations.

Virtual Supplier Audits

Our Supplier Audit Program gives you the ability to collect supplier compliance data in multiple categories, assign unique risk-scoring attributes, and get real-time risk KPI’s on your suppliers without leaving your desk. The result is a comprehensive risk assessment that lets you focus on next level action.
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We Make Supplier Risk Management Easy

Our award-winning supply chain virtual audit allows you to collect supplier compliance data in multiple categories, assign unique risk-scoring attributes to each assessment, and get real-time risk KPI’s. Our system prompts suppliers to upload supporting documentation when needed, creates a risk profile for each supplier, and allows for third party review and commentary on each assessment. This lets you to maintain a handle on all suppliers while engaging minimal resources. A 100% electronic supplier audit solution means you can keep data on your supply chain partners in a centralized location as well as a bevy of other benefits.

Real-time Updates on High-Risk Areas
End the Need for Boots-on-the-Ground Facility Audits
Cut Total Audit Costs
Reduce Onsite Supplier Disruption
Gain Advanced Risk Management Analytics

Access Unique Supplier Risk Profiles

Each supplier assessed will have their own risk profile. You’ll be able to analyze their risk scores, view supporting documentation, and review 3rd party commentary. Generating risk profiles for each supplier and diving into risk from multiple angles allows you to get a clear snapshot into problem areas. Setting up corrective action plans using clear risk data yield faster results with minimal disruption.
Fully Optimize Your Supplier Audit Strategy
Most companies audit their suppliers once a year. Wouldn’t it be better to optimize your audit strategy by auditing the high risk suppliers every 6 months or more and the low risk ones less often? Focus your resources on high risk suppliers while passively monitoring your low risk suppliers. Our geographical insights give you advanced analytics and filterable reporting gives you the ability to measure your supply chain on unique segments like forced labor or health and safety. Highlighting high risk suppliers using data that is verified allows you to know where to focus your field audit efforts in a cost-effective manner.
Conduct Global Supplier Audits While Dramatically Cutting Costs - Straight From Your Desk.

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