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Supplier Assessment Program

Collect and analyze supplier data concerning compliance and sustainability measures with our exceptional Supplier Assessment Program.
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Draw Key Indicators of Risk With Advanced Surveys Tailored to Your Goals

Move past just collecting policy, compliance and sustainability data from your suppliers to real insight. Our automated supply chain data collection platform allows you to focus on evaluating data, analyzing risks and implementing improvements. Our flexible approach to supply chain data collection lets you request exactly the data you need in the way you need it.

Customizable Question Format
Automated Supplier Engagement Processes
Team Member Unlimited Access
Supplier Education

Rank Your Suppliers Based on Your Objectives

Through data centralization and an easy to use interface, you’re able to monitor supplier progress and response rates within the platform. Then, quickly rank suppliers based on your assessments responses and get real time results. Multiple team members can view information at the same time, making supplier progress reports easy.
Increase Your Supply Chain Transparency
Supplier assessments serve a critical role in increasing your supply chain transparency. By gaining a better understanding of your supply chain through verified surveys, you equip yourself with the insight you need for data-driven business decisions. With our customizable program, you can collect information from your suppliers for over 50 global regulations.

Certify Your Business for Supplier Diversity

When it comes to supplier diversity certification, there are 16 diversity categories for businesses to apply for. From women or minority-owned certifications to veteran-owned businesses, our platform allows you to house all your supplier diversity data on one platform for easy access and document assurance.
How Well Do You Know Your Suppliers? Increase Your Supply Chain Transparency Today.

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