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Smelter Verification

Inaccurate smelter information can lead companies to false conclusions about the origin of their raw materials. Companies who are not aware of data inaccuracies may unknowingly be working with smelters of high concern.
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Uncover Gaps in Conflict Minerals Reporting Information.

Smelter verification is a critical step in conflict minerals reporting. Proper cross-checking of smelter information allows you to identify smelters of high concern, verify the status of your smelter’s product or metal information, and give you insights into the status of your overall conflict minerals program at your company.

Combat Inaccurate Smelter Information.

Name variations, misspellings, or even misplaced apostrophes in supplier provided smelters can create multiple smelter identities for one true smelter, called smelter aliases. Performing a smelter alias analysis is an essential part of any conflict minerals program to ensure your smelters are verified. Inaccurate smelter identification can lead to false conclusions about your company’s raw materials sourcing and could impact compliance with conflict minerals regulations or worse, your company’s brand reputation.
A Smarter Smelter Verification Solution.
Source Intelligence uses AI to review each Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) that goes into our database and cross check the listed smelters to ensure your information is accurate. Our proprietary algorithm has the ability to identify and merge smelter aliases, giving you verified smelter data. If more research is needed, our smelter analysis team will go one step further and manually check all smelter alias information.

Smelter Aliases by the Numbers.

Not validating smelter aliases against a comprehensive database will lead to incorrect smelter identification.


Known Smelters


Smelter Aliases


Possible Variations for 1 Smelter
Identifying the Source of Your Raw Materials is Critical For Conflict Minerals Compliance. Is Your Smelter Information Accurate?

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Why Smelter Verification is Crucial for Any Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Program
Smelter Verification