Smelter Verification

Identifying the source of your raw materials is the backbone of Conflict Minerals Reporting and Compliance.

Why is smelter information important?


Accurate information

Have confidence that the data you gather and send to your customers is accurate and audit ready.


Identify Risk

Identify smelters of high concern using our extensive smelter status database that is updated in real time based on our smelter team’s weekly data points.


Provide Documentation

Have the ability to provide necessary documentation to your customers about the status and validation of your smelters.


Benchmark and improve

Obtaining accurate smelter information allows you to benchmark your company and set attainable goals that are backed up by accurate data.

Uncover critical gaps in conflict minerals reporting information.

Smelter verification is the most important step to conflict minerals reporting. Proper cross-checking of smelter information allows you to identify smelters of high concern, verify the status of your smelter’s product or metal information, and give you insights into the status of your overall conflict minerals program at your company.

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