RoHS Compliance Program

Chemical Management Solution

Through the collection of Full Materials Disclosures (FMD’s) or almost any product information your suppliers can provide, our platform is able to roll up that information to give you real time status on your company’s RoHS requirements.

RoHS Compliance, simplified.

Our RoHS solution gives your suppliers the flexibility to provide a large variety of chemical documents. This hybrid approach minimizes the burden of reporting on your suppliers, which eases supply chain communication and allows you to get accurate data in a timely manner.

[White Paper] An Overview of RoHS 2

This white paper provides an overview for compliance professionals and product engineers who know they need to comply with RoHS but may not have a strong starting point.


Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The RoHS directive is aimed at determining if a product in the EU has one of the ten restricted substances in it at 0.1% on a homogeneous level or greater. Through the collection of Full Material Declarations (FMDs) for products, the constituent materials and chemical of a product can be determined. In addition Certificates of Conformity (CoC), Laboratory Test Reports (LTR), or Manufacturing Contract Agreement (MCA) from the customer’s supply chain can also be collected.

Whats the difference between REACH and RoHS?



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