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REACH is an EU and UK regulation that is designed to improve the protection of human, health, and the environment through the better understanding of commercially available chemicals and their effects.
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We Give You the Ability to Obtain Data from a Variety of Sources

Collecting and analyzing REACH compliance data from your suppliers is tough. Our solution allows your suppliers to provide any product information they have available; Full Materials Declarations (FMDs), safety data sheets, lab test reports, and more. Our platform then takes the information and rolls it up to give you real-time reports on your REACH status. We give your suppliers the flexibility to provide a variety of documents to ease the burden of reporting and allow you to get timely data.

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Use a Variety of Documents to Extract Data
Combine Company Level and Product Level Data
Roll Up Data into Dynamic Reports for Easy Compliance

EU REACH Regulation Requirements

The REACH regulation puts the burden of identification of SVHCs within the product’s supply chain on the producer or retailer. They are required to prepare safety documentation for anyone who requests it. This pain can be especially acute for importers and retailers. They do not deal directly with the companies who produce the “articles” that go into the final consumer product(s). Manufacturers and importers are required to gather information on the properties of their chemical substances, and register the information in a central database in the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
What are the Differences Between REACH and RoHS?
REACH is a broad, horizontal regulation that oversees chemicals throughout their lifecycle. RoHS is a vertical directive that focuses on chemical regulations that are found in electrical and electronic equipment. RoHS is evaluated at the homogenous material level whereas REACH is evaluated at the article level. Oftentimes, companies that need to comply with REACH also need to comply with RoHS and vice versa.

What is UK REACH?

The UK brought EU REACH into law as of January 1, 2021, at the end of the Brexit transition period and is known as UK REACH. Most of it uses the same legislation as EU REACH, but there are some subtle differences and potential for future divergence. UK REACH applies to businesses and importers to the Great Britain market. UK importers from the EU and the rest of the world must register to access the UK market. Like with EU REACH, no data means no market. To continue business as usual, you may need to do these three things: register, submit data and re-apply to EU REACH as your new role. If you are a UK business, an important thing to note is your EU REACH registration has expired as of the end of the transition. If you have not already re-applied for EU REACH, you are at risk of non-compliance. To maintain access to the EU REACH market, you are now considered an importer and must follow those compliance requirements.
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