Compliance Made Easy

Compliance happens with Source Intelligence – a single place for supplier engagement, document and data collection, supplier intelligence, and real time compliance reporting for over 50 regulatory requirements and sustainability standards.

Get the Information You Need From Your Suppliers

Centralize your supply chain, pick your programs, gather information and understand compliance through intelligence.

Centralize Your Supply Chain

Onboard your supplier information to Source Intelligence using the platform’s upload wizard or using Google contacts.

Choose to request information from your suppliers for over 50 supply chain programs. Don’t see a particular program you need to work on? Just let us know – Source Intelligence is flexible and custom programs can be implemented to meet your company’s needs.

Automate Data Collection

Each program comes with automated intelligent reminders to suppliers who have not completed your request. You’ll be notified when a supplier uploads a document, and all programs give you real-time engagement and response rates metrics. If your supplier needs to gather information from their own supply chain to complete your request, they can invite their own suppliers to the network to pass on information.

We automatically search Harmonized Tariff Schedules (HTS)  codes for products so you can ensure you have the right codes for compliance. With continuous updates both on regulatory compliance requirements and classification changes, we save you time and administrative burden and facilitate your shipping documents needs. 

Automate Document Review

Document review is responsible for over 75% of time spent on a compliance program, and variation in document type only further complicates the process.

Using AI powered document review, you can accurately analyze thousands of compliance documents in seconds and generate results that drive highly efficient compliance reporting programs. Click here to learn more about automated document review.

Use Supplier Intelligence

Track the progress of your programs, assign scoring and risk classifications, customize dashboard reporting widgets, tag suppliers and more.

Intelligence analytics are designed to help you understand the data you collect and easily pinpoint risk in your supply chain. Once you’ve got the information you need, pass it on to a customer or collaborate internally on corrective action planning. 

Streamline Your Compliance Process

Program workflows, automated supplier engagement, data organization, and dynamic reporting allow you to seamlessly gather and report compliance information.

Internal Collaboration

Are you part of a team that tackles supply chain compliance initiatives? Does the C-suite of your company want a dashboard showing insights into your compliance initiatives? Source Intelligence allows you to add unlimited users and create internal teams within your company to help you stay organized and transparent.

Supply Chain Data Management

Globalized supply chains are complex, but managing data doesn’t have to be. Source Intelligence gives you the ability to assign keywords or terms to particular suppliers or data points. This technique helps some of the world’s largest enterprise companies organize their supply chain data. At Source, we call this practice Tagging. Learn more, here.

Supplier Engagement

Supplier engagement is a key part of the success to your compliance initiatives. Our dedicated supplier engagement team works to engage your suppliers, gather information and be available to answer their questions in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Learn more about our supplier engagement team, here.

Dynamic Reporting

Reporting supply chain compliance information to either you customers or governing bodies is challenging. Source Intelligence gives you the ability to roll-up documentation (such as conflict minerals CMRT’s) for customers, create dynamic dashboards for risk-analysis and create final reports on chemical regulation status. Report data with confidence.

Consolidate Your Supply Chain’s Compliance Process

Source Intelligence supports over 50 regulatory requirements and sustainability standards.

Ethical Sourcing

Chemical Management

Vendor Management

Materials Sourcing

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