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Under the Waste Framework Directive, manufacturers and importers selling products in the European Union (EU) are required to submit information to the Substance of Concern in Products (SCIP) database for any product containing more than trace amounts of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs). Reporting is done via SCIP dossiers and differing dossier requirements make SCIP compliance a challenge.

The Source Intelligence platform makes this process far easier and less risky. Our automated or expert-managed offerings ensure the right information is collected from suppliers, verified, and validated, and then submitted properly. After submission, our team of regulatory experts will verify that your dossier has passed validation. If your dossier fails submission, we will review it to correct failures and resubmit it. We will also track the product for any changes and make updates to the dossier, as applicable.


BOM analysis
Supplier engagement
Data validation
Compliance reporting


Identify articles containing candidate list substances
Assess data gaps and identify high-risk articles
Gather the necessary information from your suppliers
Automatically roll up data into SCIP dossiers
What is the SCIP database?
Who is required to submit to the SCIP database?
What information should be included on a SCIP dossier?
How are SCIP dossiers submitted?

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Product compliance
Easily identify risks to ensure every supplier, part, and product meets core compliance obligations.
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Responsible sourcing
Uncover possible exposure to suppliers engaged in conflict mineral sourcing, human rights violations, and other areas of concern.
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Reduce the environmental and social effects of your products by seamlessly managing various directive obligations and more.
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Parts obsolescence
Avoid unnecessary production delays by receiving early warning of parts at risk of obsolescence with plenty of time to identify replacements.
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Get the tools you need to submit a SCIP dossier-ready format with our
SCIP program


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