Close up view of a mica crystal with gold and white shimmery streaks running throughout on a black background.

Responsible Mica Sourcing

With many human rights issues arising from the mica supply chain, due diligence in sourcing is needed now more than ever. Our solution makes it easy to know your mica is coming from ethical places.
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Know Where Your Mica is Coming From

Mica is found in cosmetics, electrical products like toasters or hair-dryers, and has become a resource of choice in electronics, such as drones, phones, high-res cameras and equipment that requires important data storage capacity. While there are many Mica mines that are operating lawfully, many others are not. Unsafe working conditions plague mica mines and cause 10 to 20 deaths every month.
Easily Ensure Ethical Mica Sourcing
Through our software and our 24/7 supplier engagement team, the mica used in your products is traced to the smelter of origin. Our AI-powered platform contrasts your supply chain against our database and provides a unique risk profile for each of your suppliers so you know exactly where you could be at risk for unethical sourcing.

What are the Effects of Unregulated Mica?

Demand for natural mica has been at a steady increase, and mica mines are stepping up production. However, this increased production comes with more and more human rights violations and dismissed safety precautions. Thousands of women and children as young as 4 years old are exploited to keep labor costs close to nothing. Without equipment, mining is performed by hand. Miners face danger and health hazards daily and suffer life-threatening injuries.

Mica FAQs

Make sure your Mica is sourced from the right places with our Responsible Mica Sourcing program.

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