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Supply Chain Media Monitoring

Manage brand reputational risk with instant alerts for news on your suppliers and proactively identify which supply chain actors are at higher risk.
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Collect News Across the World Instantly With AI

It’s more important than ever to protect your brand reputation by making sure you know exactly what’s going on in your supply chain. Our Media Monitoring solution allows you to select which subjects you’d like our AI program to gather articles on. Supplier news is collected from around the world and across multiple platforms and stored in our platform for easy review. You can decide if you’d like to receive alerts for positive news, negative news, neutral news, or all of the above.

Upload Your Suppliers
Gather Articles From Around the World
Get Real-Time Alerts
Easily Review The Articles On Our Platform
Identify Areas Of High Risk

Track Supplier Activity Across Platforms

Our solution allows you to track everywhere news is found, including TV, printed news, social media, and radio. We also track other less traditional channels including non-government organization and non-profit organization reports, court filings, and lists of watched or banned entities.

Online And Printed News
TV And Radio
Social Media And Blogs
Online And Printed News
TV And Radio
Social Media And Blogs

Stay On Top Of Important Global Issues

Our Media Monitoring solution keeps you in the know with a variety of pertinent topics, including:
  • Human rights abuses
  • Bribery, corruption, and money laundering
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) radar lists or subpoenas
  • Legal cases that may lead to substantial litigation costs and outcomes
  • Financial health and solvency
  • Rumors or introductory steps of a merger and acquisition
  • Bad business practices that could lead to supply chain disruption
Media Monitoring Is Part Of An Effective Risk Management Strategy
Staying on top of supplier news is a crucial part of managing risks. But your risk management strategy shouldn’t end there. At Source Intelligence, we offer a variety of supply chain management tools to add to our platform in conjunction with Media Monitoring so you can access the exact data you need when you need it. These tools include Virtual Supplier Audits, Cybersecurity solutions, Supplier Assessments, Risk Mapping, and more.
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