Full Material Disclosures

Improve Supply Chain Transparency and Guard Compliance with the Source Intelligence Full Material Disclosure Solution
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Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions with Full Material Disclosures

At Source Intelligence, we make it easy to create and collect Full Material Disclosures (FMDs). Our Full Material Disclosures solution allows you and your suppliers to quickly and easily provide the required information needed to create FMDs.

Easy to Use Interface
Automated Document Verification
Supplier Engagement & Support
Real-Time Compliance Updates
What is a Full Material Disclosure (FMD)?
A Full Material Disclosure (FMD) is a list of all materials and substances contained in your product. It is a full substance level disclosure of every constituent substance in, and intentionally added, to every homogeneous material in the products you supply to a customer. Mitigate risks and meet regulatory requirements with our FMD solution.

Why Provide Full Material Disclosures?

Providing a full material disclosure enables all members of the supply chain to take a proactive approach to regulatory management. Requirements within regulations are constantly changing, and new local, federal, and international regulations are continuously being introduced. A full material disclosure can be analyzed to identify compliance status and data gaps for any regulation or directive of interest, saving all participants in the supply chain time and resources.

Benefits of FMDs for Regulatory Compliance

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Know Where Your Product is at Risk
FMDs allow supply chain professionals to be proactive with risk mitigation instead of reactive. You can’t prepare against threats you don’t know about, so FMDs arm you with the knowledge needed to make informed business decisions.
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Limit Supplier Fatigue
Asking for a lot of technical information, documentation, and back and forth communication can be taxing for manufacturers whose primary job is to make parts for your product. Gathering FMDs streamlines this process.
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Increase Client Satisfaction & Confidence
If you are supplying enterprises with products, collecting FMD information will greatly benefit your client relationships. FMDs provide complete transparency and useful information for your clients to make informed decisions.
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Save Time & Resources
Just when you thought FMDs do it all, there’s even more benefit they can add. Collecting FMDs for regulatory compliance also clears up your workload by collecting a single document with all of the compliance information you need in one place.
What Regulations Can FMDs Satisfy?
FMDs can satisfy a multitude of regulations at one time, including RoHS, REACH, Proposition 65, EU POPs, and TSCA by allowing a supplier to meet most of their reporting requirements with one document. FMDs are also quite valuable as a method to maintain compliance with frequently updated and expanding lists of regulated chemicals.
Are you ready to add FMDs to guard against supply chain disruptions?