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As the leading solution provider for conflict minerals compliance, we closely monitored the evolution of the EU conflict minerals legislation. Beyond our involvement with the legislation development, we paid close attention to the details of the legislation and have prepared our industry leading US conflict minerals platform to have a smooth integration with the unique attributes of the EU conflict minerals legislation. 

What types of companies are in scope for mandatory reporting?

The European Commission, European Parliament, and the European Union Council reached a political understanding on  the EU legislation on trade in 3TG. The primary objective of the legislation is to bring importers of 3TG in line with the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines for Responsible Sourcing.

While the due diligence and reporting is weighted on upstream importers, engagement from all members of the supply chain will be required. The EU believes this model of reporting is far more efficient and approachable for companies who are in scope of the regulation. 

US Conflict Minerals vs. EU Conflict Minerals

The key difference from Dodd-Frank 1502 is that the proposed new EU conflict minerals legislation involves:

  • A mandatory certification system put in place for importers, smelters and refiners. In other words the upstream supply chain.
  • Voluntary reporting on sourcing practices by EU manufacturers and sellers. In other words the downstream supply chain.

Official European Union Conflict Minerals compliance guide

After years of negotiations between the EU Commission, EU Parliament, & the EU Council, and pressure from NGO’s and special interest groups, the European Union agreed on legislation to regulate the usage of conflict minerals (3TG) in their member states. The law will apply to importers of 3TG into the EU, will require action from all parties in the supply chain, and will be implemented in January, 2021.

Our compliance education team published an EU conflict minerals compliance guide to help companies in their approach to the new regulation. Click the button below to download the guide!

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European Union Conflict Minerals Program Highlights


Automated conflict minerals data collection

Automated intelligent reminders are set up to all your in scope suppliers, and continuous campaigns are deployed to suppliers who have not completed your request. You’ll be notified when a supplier uploads a conflict minerals reporting document, and you’ll have access to real-time engagement and response rates metrics.

If your supplier needs to gather information from their own supply chain to complete your request, they can invite their own suppliers to the network to pass on information.


Downstream Customer Reporting

If you’re not at the bottom of your supply chain, provide your customers accurate, verified data through conflict minerals reporting template roll-ups. Ensure that you’re reporting accurate conflict minerals information to your customers that is in accordance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines on responsible sourcing.


Comprehensive smelter analysis and RCOI due diligence

Monitor supplier progress, response rates and red flags on one centralized cloud based platform. Validate collected smelter data against publicly available and our exclusive in-house smelter database for accurate smelter reporting. Unfold common conflict minerals reporting errors like smelter alias information, false identification of smelters of high concern and reasonable country of origin validation. We are a proud vendor member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI).


24/7/365 Supplier Engagement and Support

Supplier engagement is a key part of the success to your conflict minerals compliance initiatives. Our dedicated supplier engagement team works to engage your suppliers, gather conflict minerals information and is available to answer their questions in their native languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Learn more about our supplier engagement team, here.

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Source Intelligence has been the global leader in conflict minerals compliance since the evolution of the Dodd-Frank Act and is well equipped to help companies approach the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation.

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