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The implementation date of the “clear and reasonable warning” amendment is August 31, 2018. Industry experts will be discussing changes to labeling, bounty hunter safeguarding, and how to keep your company in compliance.

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California Prop 65

Chemical Management Solution

The update to Prop 65, set to be implemented in August, 2018, will change the way Prop 65 warnings are displayed on products, manufacturing facilities and consumer facing environments. Our solution allows you to upload your product information, request what you don’t have from your suppliers, and get real time results on your labeling requirements.

Rethink Prop 65 Compliance

Compare your product information against our compliance database for Prop 65 risks in real-time. Understand your labeling requirements with our unique chemical categorization system. Our solution takes you from raw materials identification to labeling requirements for finished products. Rethink Prop 65 compliance. 

What is California Prop 65?

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