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The Aerospace and Defense Declarable Substances List (AD-DSL) is a list of approximately 1,200 product-related substances Aerospace & Defense companies can use as the basis to collect data for various compliance declarations that directly affect them. To make sense of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, A&D companies can turn to the AD-DSL to sort out data collection priorities, increase supply chain transparency, and eliminate supply chain disruptions by proactively addressing changes in the supply chain that may impact regulatory compliance.

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What is the Purpose of AD-DSL?
While the use of AD-DSL by Aerospace & Defense firms is voluntary, it serves as a reference framework to be used by A&D suppliers in multiple ways, including:
  • Communicating with customers
  • Communicating with manufacturers & suppliers for safe handling and hazards
  • Meeting regulatory requirements in other global compliance programs
  • Adopting a risk-based approach to managing high-risk chemical replacements
  • Prioritizing the need for finding alternative materials.

AD-DSL Reporting

There are a couple of ways you can report the AD-DSL against existing tools, allowing you to collect data from the lower tiers of your supply chain: IPC-1754 - Materials and Substances Declaration for Aerospace and Defense A strictly B2B new standard establishing the requirements on substances and materials data exchange. IPC-1754 supports the major global compliance programs like EU REACH, RoHS, and TSCA. AD-SRT – Aerospace & Defense Support Reporting Tool An IAEG-created excel file designed to capture and report information pertaining to substances information.
AD-DSL Expertise with Source Intelligence
Source Intelligence has developed multiple technology-driven solutions specifically designed to simplify the process of collecting data. We have the experience and the capability to collect AD-DSL-related information from your suppliers, especially if your A&D supply chain is complex. We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders so you can focus on your core business operations.
See how our award-winning data collection solution can satisfy your AD-DSL reporting needs.