Our Mission

It’s quite simple. Our mission is to bring transparency and visibility to the supply chains of companies around the world.

Our goal is to provide an environment through platform technology where suppliers, partners, vendors, small businesses, and global brands have the ability to proactively address their compliance and transparency needs.

Through over 50 supply chain programs on our platform, we aim to carry out our mission, one customer at a time.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of athletes, rock n’ rollers, doctors, parents, and friends – Each team member has a unique strength to lend.

Jess Kraus

CEO and Co-founder

Learn about Jess
Jess F. Kraus, CEO and Co-Founder, has over 30 years of experience in the fields of environmental and sustainability data management. In three years Source Intelligence® has grown under Kraus’ leadership to become the #1 provider of supply chain sustainability data services and solutions, assessing suppliers for increased supply chain transparency and brand protection to comply with conflict minerals requirements. Prior to co-founding Source Intelligence® Kraus founded 3E Company and served as President, CEO and lastly as Vice Chairman (1986 – 2010). A student of University of California, San Diego, Kraus holds degrees in mathematics and chemistry and a certificate of Hazardous Materials Management and a California Registered Environmental Assessor. He is active in many business and civic organizations, including YPO/WPO (Young Presidents Organization/ World President’s Organization) and the San Diego Business Innovation Center.

Matt Thorn

President and Co-founder

Learn about Matt
As founding partner and Source Intelligence’s President & CTO, Matt Thorn leads the company’s global operations, IT development team and Business Operations Center. Thorn is the driving force behind the SI technology platform and unique solution associated with providing supply chain transparency services for some of the world’s most recognizable brand names. Since helping found the company, Thorn has driven a strong track record of results, execution excellence, and improved efficiency while also driving the company to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Prior to Source Intelligence, Thorn played key roles in operations within the telecommunications and security industries in addition to his work as a research and development expert for the British Military.

Dr. Jennifer Kraus

CSO and Co-founder

Learn about Jennifer
Dr. Jennifer Kraus has over 25 years of experience providing multi-disciplinary strategic environmental, health and safety services to customers in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Central and South America. Prior to co-founding Source Intelligence®, Dr. Kraus was President of Global Environmental Consulting Company, Inc. (GECCo, Inc.), a consulting practice based in San Diego, CA. Dr. Kraus also served as an associate with Dames & Moore, environmental manager for General Dynamics Electronics Division, and safety engineer with Litton Guidance and Control Systems. Dr. Kraus is a former board member of the Good Neighbor Environmental Board, a congressional advisory committee on environmental and infrastructure issues along the US-Mexico Border; the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board; and the San Diego Industrial Environmental Association. Dr. Kraus completed her doctoral studies in public health, epidemiology at the UCSD School of Medicine and the San Diego State Graduate School of Public Health; she received her master’s degree in public health from the UCLA Graduate School of Public Health and her bachelor’s degree in biology from Princeton University.

Engagement Team

Located in sunny southern California, our supplier engagement team provides around-the-clock support for your due diligence, compliance, and reporting requirements.


24/7/365 Success Support

People and products make companies and we bring them together through communication and education. We have created and made available online learning programs, white papers, webinars and provide a 24-hour call center to address any issues, questions or concerns regarding policies and procedures for Anti-Corruption, Conflict Minerals, Smelter Verification, Reach/ROHS, M/SDS, EHS Compliance and Sustainability.

Information On-Demand

We provide a simplified solution for compliance education. We combine our subject matter expertise and real world experience to develop comprehensive education programs to support accurate and efficient reporting. Our User-focused process includes a Supplier Engagement Team, a 24-hour Call center with real people here in Carlsbad, CA.

Multilingual Expertise

We receive calls from all over the globe and we can service 100 languages to ensure nothing is lost in translation. Our multilingual team is trained in supplier management and supply chain compliance, and connects directly with your suppliers and partners to increase response rates, data accuracy and provide quality assurance and support.

Supplier engagement is a fundamental part to the success of our business. Since our inception, it has been critical that we have real people available to answer your questions in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



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