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Colored Gemstones: A New Facet of Compliance

As consumers become increasingly aware of the issues surrounding the mining of diamonds and other minerals, interest in ethical sourcing has carried over to the colored gemstone market.

Cobalt Sourcing Due Diligence Guide

On December 21st, 2018 the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) released the first formal version of the Cobalt Reporting Template (CRT). The release of the CRT prompted companies to begin the research and development of phase of cobalt sourcing due diligence programs in their cobalt supply chains.

This eBook will give you an overview of Cobalt, it’s common applications, and a step by step guide for developing a cobalt due diligence program at your company.

European Union Conflict Minerals Compliance Guide

After years of negotiations between the EU Commission, EU Parliament, & the EU Council, and pressure from NGO’s and special interest groups, the European Union agreed on legislation to regulate the usage of conflict minerals (3TG) in their member states.

This guide will give you an overview of the current regulatory requirements and help you develop your compliance process.

A Professional’s Guide To Supply Chain Program Success

Through 10 years of working with companies on thousands of compliance programs, we’ve identified and done a deep dive into the major stages of a supply chain program.

In this eBook, we outline best practices for starting a program, engaging suppliers, and managing supply chain data. We also dive into common choke points throughout the lifecycle of a program and how to best overcome them.

RoHS Regulation: 2019 Compliance Guide

This complimentary eBook is a quick, yet comprehensive guide to the RoHS regulation and covers reporting responsibilities for all members of the supply chain.

REACH Regulation: 2019 Compliance Guide

This white paper dives into the lead up to registration – how to start, optimize and ultimately be successful at EU REACH compliance.

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