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The implementation date of the “clear and reasonable warning” amendment is August 31, 2018. Industry experts will be discussing changes to labeling, bounty hunter safeguarding, and how to keep your company in compliance.
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California Prop 65

Proposition 65 enables consumers in California to make informed decisions about protecting themselves from exposure to chemicals of high concern.

What is California Prop 65?

California Prop 65 was passed in 1986 to address growing consumer concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals. Under Prop 65, businesses that operate or sell products in the state of California are required to put warning labels on goods that contain chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm, including birth defects. The list of chemicals associated with the Prop 65 regulation is updated on an annual basis and currently includes over 900 listed substances.

Which companies need to address Prop 65?

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) outlines that the only businesses not in scope of Prop 65 are small businesses with less than 10 employees, governmental agencies, and public water systems.

All other companies that operate or sell products in the state of California are in scope of Prop 65 reporting.

In an effort to simplify the text heavy explanations on the web, we’ve put together a compliance guide to help all parties get a better understanding of what Prop 65 is and how the August 2018 update will affect reporting requirements.

White paper:

California Prop 65 Compliance Guide

Whether you’re approaching Prop 65 for the first time, or are interested in the details surrounding the regulation update, this white paper will serve as a guide to help you understand your requirements for compliance.

What are the compliance requirements?

Currently, Prop 65 requires businesses to provide a “clear and reasonable” warning of the presence of Prop 65 chemicals within the product or environment.

Effective August 2018, Prop 65 warning labels will have to explicitly list the individual Prop 65 chemicals contained within the product or environment. Click here to see what the new Prop 65 label will look like.

This poses a challenge to companies due to the complexity of attaining accurate data around the chemical make-up of their products or environment.

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