Supply Chain Transparency Risk Insurance

Global leader in supply chain sustainability data services and conflict mineral disclosure reporting, Source Intelligence, is revolutionizing the supply chain market by providing companies with an insurance policy for risks around “Conflict Minerals” supply chain disruptions.

Source Intelligence’s technology platform simplifies Dodd-Frank 1502 compliance by making the process of tracing potential sources of conflict minerals throughout a supply chain easy and supplier-friendly. Beyond their compliance solutions, Source Intelligence also provides companies impacted by Dodd Frank 1502 insurance for supply chains – insuring any revenue loss as a result of supply chain disruption from conflict minerals.

Supply Chain Transparency Risk Insurance will be especially attractive to CEOs who are required to approve the conflict mineral disclosure reports submitted to the SEC.  The insurance gives corporations the confidence and knowledge to rest assured that their corporate brand is protected. From a corporation’s perspective there will be a distinct competitive advantage for those willing to stand behind their business and sourcing practices to ensure their suppliers within their supply chains are operating with the highest level of integrity.

Source Intelligence’s conflict minerals risk insurance program provides you with multi-million dollar coverage due to supply chain disruption from potential conflict minerals in your supply chain.