Supplier Tagging

See your data your way

Make Sense of Complex Supply Chain Data

Our tagging feature was built on a simple premise – that your supplier data should be organized the way you want it.

Tags are keywords or terms that are assigned to data (such as a record of a supplier) as a way to classify or group that information. Once a tag is applied, all data associated with that tag can be found and filtered by a simple search. Tags are completely flexible and can be chosen to filter suppliers by spend, business unit, product type, customer status and more.

Unlimited Supplier Organization

Theres no limit to the number of tags you can create. Applying tags to your supply chain data allows you to prioritize your supplier communication, monitor high-risk areas and produce custom reports covering specific areas.

Unique Supplier Insight

Suppliers providing products for your big customers are important. Every supply chain has different focus areas and priorities. Tagging allows you to focus on the right suppliers at the right time.

Organize Your Supply Chain

Slice and dice your supplier data any which way. Shape your supplier analysis through tag filtering criteria and view results the way you need to for your particular business.

The tagging feature is available for all programs on our platform:


Ethical Sourcing


Vendor Management


Materials Sourcing


Chemical Management

See what type of data insights you can uncover with supplier tagging

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