Today, businesses function in a global environment. Building a brand that delivers the right product to the right buyer globally at the right price requires diligent Supply Chain Management (SCM). All areas of operations are impacted from design to procurement to manufacturing and delivery.

Multinational corporations, globally expanding brands and manufacturers require supply chain risk assessment to ensure legal and ethical sourcing. Ensuring a company’s most valuable asset – its brand reputation – is protected. Leading corporations seek strategic SCM to maximize their customers’ value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. For nearly a decade, Source Intelligence has led the industry with a solution that uses technology to simplify supply chain compliance and bridge the gap between traditional onsite diligence and a scalable supplier risk assessment.

Source Intelligence is a market-leading SaaS solutions company, focused on supply chain compliance, data analytics, and risk management. The company’s unique blend of experts, technology and process achieves high response rates in securing and verifying critical supplier information.

According to companies worldwide, the product safety and social compliance within the context of a cross-border and decentralized market place is a key challenge. While traditional retail, with fixed locations and clear sales territories enables stricter enforcement of compliance within a country’s regulations, a border-less market place has led to a supplier review challenge of global proportions. Only a technology-enabled approach can cost-effectively address this problem.

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Our technology disrupts traditional approaches to supply chain compliance – to the benefit of businesses and suppliers around the world…our platform categorizes suppliers by risk, allowing blue-chip companies to optimize their on-site audit resources and minimize facility downtime.

Jess Kraus

Co-Founder and CEO, Source Intelligence



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