Comply with CA Prop 65 Quickly and Easily

Ensure you get the product information you need to comply with CA Prop 65. Request information from your suppliers, manage product documentation and get real-time product compliance status. Our interactive compliance coach will guide to each step of the way, from uploading suppliers and requesting information to analyzing the data you receive.

Upload your suppliers

Assess the contents of your product against the Prop 65 substance list


Request product information specific to Prop 65


Get real time product compliance status

Get started for free by uploading your suppliers

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Get started for free by uploading your suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the free trial?

The free trial is an all access, 30 day, risk-free trial of Source Intelligence. Upload all your suppliers, request information for any program, and instantly see results.

Is the Source Intelligence platform secure?

Yes. Security is our top priority when it comes to our clients’ information. You can learn more about how seriously we take security, here.

What happens if I need to add suppliers over my plan limit?

This is not a problem. When you exceed the supplier limit you have in your current plan, you will be prompted to upgrade.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Although we are saddened to see a customer go, you can stop your subscription at any time. Simply cancel within the app or contact our support team.

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