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Dear Valued Supplier,

You have been requested by your customer to provide Conflict Minerals information in order for your customer to meet the regulatory compliance requests under Section 1502 of the U.S. Dodd-Frank Act. To meet this annual requirement, your customer is working with Source Intelligence to identify the origin of any tantalum, tin, tungsten, or gold (collectively known as 3TG) in its product.

Your customer requires that you must use the Source Intelligence platform to complete a Conflict Mineral Reporting Template (CMRT) at a product level. Source Intelligence has received and listed the products you supply to your customer. When creating your CMRT(s), you will select from a list of these products on the Platform.

1. To start, please return to the original English email and click on “Start Here”.

2. If you already have an account on the Source Intelligence Platform, please log in. If not, you will need to create an account. Your username is your email address. If you need an account for a different email address, please create an account, log in, and select “Add a Team Member”.

3. (Optional) After logging in, click on “Settings” in the upper right hand corner and change your language preference.

4. Once you have logged in, click the “Go” button for the customer requesting your information and proceed to complete the product specific information online.

5. We will conduct QC and due diligence review of your CMRT responses. We will then notify you with any questions.

Your customer requires and expects your complete cooperation and immediate response. Please return to the original English email for the telephone number and email address to reach us. You may also visit our frequently asked questions (“FAQs”) page.
FAQs: Conflict Minerals Help

On behalf of your customer, we thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Source Intelligence Conflict Minerals Compliance Team




Any information contained within the Source Intelligence
platform is maintained with the strictest confidentiality.


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