Nordstrom has just announced that by 2023, 70% of their Nordstrom Made products will be created in factories that support Women’s empowerment. More than 40 Nordstrom Made brands have committed to bettering their quality, style, value and most importantly, lend a hand to Women’s Rights.


70% of people working at Nordstrom are women, and women make up the majority of customers and factory workers. In 2007, Nordstrom started to work with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) (HERproject) to help provide trainings, resources and services for women that focus on the challenges that women might face day-to-day. The educator, for this service, equip these women with tools to help them become leaders and knowledge on how to help their families and better their communities. In the past 12 years, Nordstrom has launched programs in 28 factories and have helped tens of thousands of workers.

HERProject landmarks

Nordstrom has already reached 75,000 workers in Vietnam, China, Bangladesh and India. HERproject’s main goal is to help women unlock their potential while working in global supply chains. These programs teach women how to take care of themselves, bodies, finances( i.e. creating a budget, saving, using an ATM and managing finances for themselves and families) and promoting gender equality and tackling violence against women. These programs are not only available for women, many men have benefited from these trainings and will pass on their knowledge to co-workers, sisters, friends, and wives.

Well done, Nordstrom.

– SI Team



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