AI Powered Compliance

Most compliance professionals find that reviewing vast amounts of compliance documents is a tedious process.

Document review, however, is critical to to compliance and must be taken seriously. With our AI powered document review process, you can decrease the time and resources you spend reviewing documents and get to compliance faster.

Most Regulations Require Standard Data Points, Not Documents.


Why is document review so challenging? The lack of standardization within compliance documentation requires a checklist of initial items each document must be reviewed for.

First, which regulation or regulations do the documents apply to? What version of each regulation does the document address? Are they up to date and relevant to the company that provided them? Which products do they cover?

When you don’t have to worry about this checklist, you can get to compliance faster.

Average Variety in Acceptable Documents

Product Compliance Documents

Company Compliance Documents

What's the difference between product and company level compliance?

When approaching a new regulation, there’s essentially two levels of due diligence you can follow – company level and product level. Click here to learn more.

Make AI Powered Compliance Work For Your Supply Chain

We provide a scalable solution to a growing supply chain’s compliance needs.

Automated Document Review

The moment a supplier submits a document, our platform runs the document through an AI powered review process, analyzing key data points on a document to validate the document type, and accuracy of information. The result is an instant document confidence score.


Large Data Sets? No Problem.

All documents that your suppliers submit are run through our robust document review engine. This engine can accurately analyze thousands of compliance documents in seconds and generate results to drive highly efficient compliance reporting.

Get To Compliance Faster

Allocating resources to document review and validation takes you team away from their core job functions. Utilizing technology allows your team to instantly have the data they need so they can work on getting compliant.

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