Countries and regions of the world are now taking a proactive approach to mitigating slavery in the supply chain. A few notable regulations aimed at these efforts are the UK Modern Slavery Act and the California Supply Chains Transparency Act.

Forced labor generates $150 billion in illegal profits every year. From hazardous conditions in Congo mines to factory workers trapped in bonded labor debt, major companies have faced reputational risks through their supply chain processes.

Modern Day Slavery is a very complex issue that affects businesses across all industries, but Humanity United is approaching a resolution to this issue on a sector-by-sector basis. KnowTheChain, led by Humanity United, just released their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) specific benchmark report, where they benchmarked 20 companies in the ICT industry. KnowTheChain used their evaluation methodology to evaluate each company, and the sector as a whole.

KnowTheChain summarized key findings on each company by researching their publicly available information related to mitigating slavery in their supply chains. KnowTheChain’s methodology is based on 7 themes; commitment and governance, traceability and risk assessment, purchasing practices, recruitment, worker voice, monitoring, and remedy.


Source Intelligence is proud to announce that they will be featuring Kilian Moote, Project Director, KnowTheChain.org, on their next webinar. The webinar, Modern Day Slavery: The Harsh Reality Of Globalized Supply Chains, will take place on July 6th, 2016, at 11:00am PDT. Source Intelligence and KnowTheChain will take you through new and emerging forms of Modern Day Slavery, and why globalized supply chains now require a heightened amount of awareness around slavery in the supply chain. Click here to sign up for the webinar, and to learn more about KnowTheChain’s ICT specific report, click here.