Dr. Jennifer Kraus has over 25 years of experience providing multi-disciplinary strategic environmental, health and safety services to customers in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Central and South America. Prior to co-founding Source Intelligence®, Dr. Kraus was President of Global Environmental Consulting Company, Inc. (GECCo, Inc.), a consulting practice based in San Diego, CA. Dr. Kraus also served as an associate with Dames & Moore, environmental manager for General Dynamics Electronics Division, and safety engineer with Litton Guidance and Control Systems. Dr. Kraus is a former board member of the Good Neighbor Environmental Board, a congressional advisory committee on environmental and infrastructure issues along the US-Mexico Border; the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board; and the San Diego Industrial Environmental Association. Dr. Kraus completed her doctoral studies in public health, epidemiology at the UCSD School of Medicine and the San Diego State Graduate School of Public Health; she received her master’s degree in public health from the UCLA Graduate School of Public Health and her bachelor’s degree in biology from Princeton University.

Looking back on the past 10 years of evolution at Source Intelligence:

It’s summertime and our thoughts wander to a nice day at the beach. Wet footprints in the sand until we find that perfect spot. We place our beach chairs, lay out the towels and open our umbrellas. Seagulls cry out in the distance while the waves engage in their rhythmic dance. A fresh sandwich awaits to be appreciated with a nice cool drink.  But alas, this is not meant to be a piece about the beach; rather, an opportunity to reflect on Source Intelligence’s 10-year anniversary, the journey to the company that we are today and what role sandwiches, beach chairs and footprints have played.

Believe it or not, our early days found us housed in a warehouse sharing space with a catering company.  The bonus? Gourmet sandwiches when there were extras! We were only a handful, excited about our mission as a company and committed to doing the right thing. Our early customers were just as committed and long term partnerships were forged.

Of course, we eventually moved into some new digs, which took a little while to furnish. This is where the beach chairs come into play. Who doesn’t have a beach or ballfield chair hanging around the garage? We pulled ours out and used them for several months until we got our “real” office furniture in place 🙂 The truth is, I’ve done some of my best thinking sitting in a ballfield chair, on the sidelines of a soccer field, watching my daughters play. I had many, many years of this – so a lot of time to do some great thinking. But alas, those days are long gone now…perhaps the next generation will take up the sport…luckily I’ve found other ways in which to engage in deep thinking…but I digress…

And now the footprints. One of our early solutions was collecting data for the purpose of estimating sustainability footprints for products our clients were branding and manufacturing. We looked at everything from fresh produce, apparel and consumer products. One particularly rewarding footprinting product involved a plain white t-shirt. We discovered for our client significant carbon footprint reduction opportunities – and significant cost savings – associated with the packaging of such an innocuous product.

We’ve come a long way as a company since these early days. We can count some of the most recognizable brands in the world as our customers, but also small to medium sized enterprises who have the same commitment to compliance and transparency.  Since partnering with our very first customer, Eddie Bauer, we have expanded into many other business sectors including electronics, biotech, consumer goods manufacturing, transportation and aerospace and defense. We’ve built a 24/7 supplier engagement team that engages with tens of thousands of businesses all around the globe. But most special of all – our employees are some of the most talented individuals with whom I have worked.  I salute the last ten years and look forward to another!

– Jennifer



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