Connect with your Value Chain

Are you tired of filling out the same questionnaire for customers who are performing supply chain due diligence? Are you wasting valuable time requesting the same, repetitious information from suppliers? Source Intelligence provides a secure online service to store your company information for the purpose of compliance with international laws such as Conflict Minerals Compliance.

Write once, publish 24/7

Join Source Intelligence's fast-growing global network of suppliers and your company will be connected with companies at all tiers in the supply chain. Our online Supplier Network facilitates efficient sharing of important information: data gathered from your suppliers to meet regulations, expertise to share with your customers, reports to update stakeholders on compliance or sustainability progress, and much more.

How do I join the Source Intelligence Supplier Network?

Create a company profile. Describe company initiatives, such as compliance, hazardous materials or sustainability goals. This is a good opportunity to share your expertise and successes with your suppliers and customers.

Upload documents, Upload documents, like your Conflict Minerals Reporting Template, your RoHS declaration of conformity and much more. Multiple document types are supported, and there are are no limits on the number of documents stored.

Share information. Post updates or send a document to multiple stakeholders at once—reducing inquiries and email traffic. Your information is secure and confidential, which means you control who can access it.

Gain insights. View your suppliers’ profiles for compliance and sustainability information. Discover opportunities to collaborate and further your company’s goals.

So say goodbye to survey fatigue and hello to productivity. Join Source Intelligence's Supplier Network today.

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